First visit with the GP

GP Dr Vicky Fakhoury talks about what happens when you visit the GP to talk about dementia, and the sort of tests they will arrange.

Dr Fakhoury is describing what a GP will ask about when you go for an appointment to discuss dementia. Until recent years some GPs did not think that there was much that could be done, so they perhaps did not offer the thorough examination that she describes. However, this is what you can expect from them now. It is really good, because some of the tests may identify a reason for your problem, such as memory loss or getting lost, which can be treated with something simple like antibiotics, or other medication because it is not actually “dementia” but the result of an infection, or maybe a blood problem. However, if the GP thinks that it could be dementia, they will refer you to a memory clinic to make sure you have a fuller investigation, perhaps including scans.

If you are interested in what the Royal College of General Practitioners advises doctors in relation to dementia you can find it here.

Reviewed March 1, 2019