Vision Statement

Dementia Services Development Trust: Vision Statement



To improve the lives of those living with dementia.


To promote the best practice in the development of services of care and support of all those living with dementia and their carers.


To provide grants and other financial awards, with the aim of:

  • supporting the provision of information, advice, support, education, training and other services relating to or ancillary to the needs of those living with dementia
  • promoting improvement in the care and support for those living with dementia by disseminating best practice and up to date information through knowledge transfer in Scotland and throughout the world
  • furthering the goals and objectives of the Trust, where appropriate, through funding specific work at the Dementia Centre in the University of Stirling
  • assisting and collaborating with other bodies and persons to improve best practice in relation to dementia
  • enhancing public knowledge and understanding of dementia.


In pursuing its Vision, the Trust will follow these principles:

  • Proactive
  • Pump priming
  • Partnership

Agreed: 1 November 2016