Dr Donald Macaskill talks about an issue that used to be taboo. Being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or queer has often caused a lot of challenges in the life of the older person with dementia. It is important to find a care home that is sensitive to your needs.

For LGBT+ people, living with dementia can be particularly stressful, especially when they are moving out of their own home and into care. No one wants anyone to have to go “back into the closet” in the last days of their lives.

For a full discussion of this see the SCIE website. This offers advice, examples of good practice and further reading including useful links.

Useful links

Thirty years after the start of dementia cafes a new LGBT+ Dementia cafe opened in Brighton in 2018, supported by AgeUK Brighton and Hove.

The Alzheimer’s Society has a page with information if you are lesbian, gay, or trans and have dementia.

Alzheimer Scotland Action on Dementia has a great blog on LGBT history month which outlines their champions network.

Reviewed March 1, 2019