If I had to go into a care home

Prof June Andrews talks about the sort of care home that would suit her. It’s important to know that care homes can be comfortable, cheerful and stimulating.

The news stories about care homes that are doing wonderful things are usually in your local paper rather than on the national news. The stories that reach the national media are the grim ones. So work on the assumption that there IS somewhere comfortable, appealing and safe near you.

Maybe the one you choose will be near a children’s play group, or in a busy area, so there is lots to look at from your window. Some care homes even let you move in with your own little dog or cat or your own furniture

You start by thinking about what you’d really like, then you know what you’re looking for. Prof Andrews says she knows where she’d like to go, if she has to.

The website carehome.co.uk lists awards for the top 20 care homes in each region across the UK, with links to those homes. This is the leading UK care home review site.

Reviewed March 1, 2019