New film by DSDT “The Power of Power of Attorney” is out now – you can watch below:

A Power of Attorney comes in to play at a point in life that can be challenging for all involved.  The document is one way of being legally authorised to manage the money and property or health and welfare of a person when they lose the mental ability to do so personally.

Too frequently we hear from relatives who see their loved one always intended to make a power-of-attorney but never got round to it. Things then become much more complicated and people have to go to court to apply for the court’s approval to manage things at a time which may already be traumatic for other reasons.

This film will not guide you through all the dilemmas, but it’s a good starting point for the conversation about getting this job done. For further information, please look at the further reading below.

Scottish River City actors Barbara Rafferty and Stephen Purdon, lead the film which tells the story of an ordinary man, a house painter, without a power of attorney, trying to protect his family member in hospital. It highlights the difficulties of getting information and influencing decisions and shows how a chance encounter at the hospital with a former client provides him with life changing knowledge. The woman shares information about how you can protect yourself and your family and make sure your wishes are followed, when life puts you in the hands of others. 

The film is set in Scotland but may be viewed UK nationally and internationally to prompt viewers to take care of their legal affairs using a mechanism such as a Power of Attorney. A previous DSDT film involving Barbara and Stephen “We Need to Talk about Dementia” has been picked up by the World Health Organisation and used on their global information platform.  “Take Me With You” a short film about the plight of old people trapped in care homes by the COVID crisis was nominated for independent film awards. All of these films and support materials are available on the trust website at

The Power of Power of Attorney is set to be released on the 2nd February 2022. To view an advance copy of the film, talk to the producers or actors, or access to any other promotional materials contact or

Barbara Rafferty

“What actors do is try to replicate what we know and what we experience. I remember my own mum’s journey with dementia, spending the last eight years of her life in a care home. It was a privilege to work on the film – getting the message across is so important and necessary.”

Stephen Purdon

“I am proud to be a part of the third instalment of this film series. As men, like the character in the film, we might avoid taking about difficult things like death and money. If you are taking care of your family, you need to think about these things and the film helps.”

Sandra McDonald

Sandra McDonald, chair of the Dementia Services Development Trust advised on the production and was executive producer. She is former Public Guardian in Scotland and author of “Power of Attorney: the One-Stop Guide” released 2021 by Souvenir Press.

“Too frequently we hear from relatives who say their loved one always intended to make a Power of Attorney but never got round to it. We hope this film will encourage people to get on and do it while there is time.”

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