Reprinting of the Guide to Supporting People with Dementia in the local church

The Trust is pleased to report that due to popular demand, there has been a reprint of this resource published for churches who want to support people with dementia and their carers.

The numbers of people with dementia in our communities are increasing. As a result, many families are struggling to cope. People of all faiths follow teaching that respects older people. People have said that respecting our elders is easy when they are active, engaged members of a parish. But what be done when things start to get difficult?

The guide has been well received by a wide range of congregations across the UK and Ireland.  It was created in partnership with people and families affected by dementia, who came together to talk about what makes a difference.  Many people are anxious to help, but even more anxious about where to start.

The resource is available to download from this website, but a second printing has now been made.  For more information contact