Atlantic Philanthropies

Twelve established artists in Northern Ireland funded by the Atlantic Philanthropies through the Dementia Services Development Trust have been working to break boundaries and cross borders in dementia thinking.  The term “Reframing” is taken from research that was undertaken at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuvin, Belgium.   The research showed that there is a public perception of dementia which is reinforced by the media, giving rise to unhelpful responses where people feel insecure and anxious.  Their aim was to demonstrate the possibility of a new perspective.  It is about seeing dementia through a different frame or context.

A residential weekend took place in Derry in April 2016.  The main focus of this residential was the actual creation of work.   The secondary focus was on capturing thinking and thematic issues for publication/distribution from the weekend – the first time this has been done.

The additional hope is that work of quality has been and will be produced which can be displayed/performed at the Void, Centre for Contemporary Arts and the Verbal Arts Centre as part of their programmes later and then possibly tour in 2017.  This will be subject to a separate funding bid which needs development during April/May but stands a good chance of success.

A parallel workshop was developed with the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Derry/Londonderry which was themed around crossing borders and was open to others.  This was more conceptual and designed to involve NI/ Derry folk in the enterprise.

The artist/tutors included Sarah Hesketh, the poet, David Clegg of the Trebus Project, James Kerr (NI Verbal Arts Centre) and Frank Lyons (Ulster University) who was there to perform and to display techniques for working with music involving people with a wide range of “impairments”, with a “collaborator” remaining afterwards.  The tutors will also be working together on issues with us to generate work as well as supporting the creative work.

Colin Gray the photographer was there throughout as our photographer in residence.  He made input on his latest work as well.  The artists are still working on sound cloud, music and written pieces based on the experience.

This work is to be continued in its second year.  More information will appear on this website.