Try out this new learning tool!

People living with dementia, nursing students, and Focus Games Ltd. with the research team at Queens University Belfast have together created “the Dementia Game”.  This puzzle, supported by DSDT, aims to disrupt public perception of dementia. The game is available here at

It was piloted with over 400 university students.  The game changed attitudes about dementia for the better. Already over 2000 people have played it.  Help us to increase this number!

The project team and people living with dementia presented the dementia awareness game at events in Belfast and Edinburgh and at the DementiaNI Anniversary event.

The research outcome of the project is in the process of being published in open access journals. The researchers are hoping to gain funding to further develop the game for dementia carers and health and social care workers.  Let us know if you can help by either promoting the game or funding the research.  At the very least check it out here, and test your dementia awareness.

The game is available: