The Treasure We Seek wraps up with a Report

The project was launched on 27th of July 2021. The two goals this project had were to create two online resources, one for the general public and the other which highlights the importance of finding the good in relationships with people who have advanced dementia.


The first resource is called Valuables and can be accessed here:

This resource is for the “schools, community groups and dementia awareness organisations and any member of the public”. It is a collection of resources which explores “the words & images we choose to use, and stories we tell can help these gems to be recognised and celebrated.” It provides information, activities and stories to highlight the importance of the connection between people with later stage dementia and their families and friends.


The second resource is called Treasure Hunt and can be accessed here:

This resource is for those who have a directly relationship with someone with dementia, be that a professional or personal relationship, and who is preparing for an online visit, through an online platform such as Zoom or Skype.