Falling Walls Conference: The Falling Walls Breakthroughs of the Year

This is an annual conference in Berlin that celebrates the bringing down of the Berlin Wall.

Professor June Andrews, adviser to the Dementia Trust, presented at the conference in 2016 and has been regularly invited to attend.

This year, the organizers have designed a completely new concept which will allow you and your institution to get actively involved. They will set the digital stage for an incredible array of breakthroughs in a broad spectrum of relevant scientific fields. They invite research institutions, universities, companies, foundations, academies and individuals to nominate their most promising breakthroughs in categories such as Life Sciences, Science in the Arts or Science Engagement. Any of these may be related to Alzheimer’s disease or any related dementia.

To get a better understanding of the newly formed concept, please take a look at the attached “at a glance”. Please also visit for more information.

The Trust has been asked to share the call with friends, partners and networks.