DSDT Disruption Awards

The Trust is calling for proposals for projects that will generate new thinking about dementia.

We have been supporting improvements for people dementia and their carers for over thirty years.  In 2012, the European Foundations’ Initiative on Dementia (EFID) held a workshop entitled ‘Reframing Dementia’ in Dundalk in Ireland. This focussed on how to develop and promote new perspectives in communication about dementia. Professor Baldwin Van Gorp, presented an analysis of research he had undertaken at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in a paper called Reframing Dementia.  You can find the presentation here.

Since then we’ve been interested in disrupting some of the old ways that people think about dementia, and communicating new ideas that reframe it.  You can see more about that here on our website.

The DSDT is pleased to announce a call for projects in this area.  We are prepared to consider a wide range of projects including art installations, communications campaigns, workshops, publications, photography…  or any other project that appeals to the panel of Trustees who will select them.  The amount awarded will be £10,000 for each project and we anticipate funding three projects in the first round.


  • We will consider projects from named individuals or organisations
  • The project must be completed within six months of the start date
  • Applications can come from any sector, independent or statutory
  • The funding cannot be used to part fund an existing project
  • Applicants must give evidence of a knowledge or understanding of dementia
  • A written start-up project agreement must be completed, and a final report presented at a meeting of the Trust
  • DSDT will not assume ownership or intellectual property rights over materials produced but will require agreements about reference to the DSDT’s involvement in its production

To apply

First step; Please send an account of what you would like to do – not more than two sides of A4 – to  The closing date has been extended to August 31st, 2018.

Second step; Those selected will be sent a form to collect further information before final selection and an award is made

Please email if you have any queries