A guide on church design

There have been great advances in the evidence base of design for people with dementia. This allows excellent guidance to be drafted out for people commissioning new buildings. Older buildings can be a great challenge, particularly if there are awkward design features that users of the building are very attached to. A good example of this is church architecture. Many older people attend churches which are old and beautiful, but may be difficult to navigate if you have sensory challenges. On the other hand, if the familiar building is changed to make it easier to navigate, it might confuse a person with cognitive impairment as in dementia.

In response to this, after many years of experience as a Church minister, a teacher, and an adviser to the Church of Scotland on the refurbishment of older buildings, Rev Nigel Robb, one of the Trustees of the DSDT, has written a guide. You can download a copy here on the website or write to us at the Trust address for a paper copy.