3Wheelin’ Progress Report

April 2021 was a busy month for the 3Wheelin’ Project, which was funded by DSDT in the latest Disruption Awards. The team were working hard: they contacted the project’s working partners and agreed the programme’s activities and the name of the Trishaw. Plus they ordered a Trishaw, which will be delivered soon, but which was delayed in transit.


In May, 3Wheelin’ produced an online learning and portal self-service portal:

Its purpose is to show the participants (the school, the parents of the children taking part and the care home) the purpose and process of the Trishaw project as well as providing tools and other resources. These users have been accessing this portal to plan activities and trips with the Trishaw. The Trishaw pilots are having inductions and the outings are due to start in June.


An all-round exciting time for the 3Wheelin’ project!