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Stimulating Thinking – Iris

Iris is a series of thinkpieces launched in 2012 to address the issues that are shaping the future of dementia policy, care and practice.  Originally published on the website of the Dementia Services Development Centre they are now going to be available on this website. Stimulating thinking The Trust is grateful to its sponsors and partners for supporting the series.

  • Iris draws on research and evidence from across the world to stimulate...

Dementia and Politics

Throughout 2015 and 2016 the Dementia Festival of Ideas funded by the Trust brought together leading politicians, clinicians, academics, policy specialists and communicators to reflect on the current state and future prospects of dementia and politics.  The wide-ranging discussion threw up some interesting and challenging differences in thinking.   A long extract from this discussion is available in audio here

Dementia Festival of Ideas

This was a year long exploration of the most stimulating thinking, writing and discussion on what dementia means in the 21st Century.  This exciting programme had something for everyone, including expert Master Classes, controversial blogs, participative events and on line discussion.  The Trust supported a major conference, a big survey and the development of radical thinking about where we go from here. The programme included: Ideas Lab 2015.  We put a...