Can you help support DSDT in improving the lives of people with dementia?

What work does the Trust support?

The Trust has supported a wide variety of projects and initiatives over the last 25 years including:

  • Reframing Dementia – an Irish project working with artists, churches, and human rights activists to change the perception of dementia
  • the Dementia Festival of Ideas – a year-long exploration of new thinking in dementia
  • the Iris Murdoch Building at the University of Stirling, with its award-winning Design and Technology Suite – a showcase for design and technology ideas to meet the practical needs of people with dementia
  • education and training programmes for front-line staff across the UK
  • publications and education events on how to improve design of buildings and the environment
  • practical programmes to make communities aware of dementia
  • free information and events for carers

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Other ways to Donate

For other methods of donating to the DSDT such as:

  • Direct Debit
  • Leaving a gift in an will
  • Giving through your pay

Please contact the Trust Administrator at

For any further information, to make a donation or leave a legacy please contact the Trust Administrator at

Thank you for your support