Reframing Dementia

Reframing Dementia is a collaborative audiovisual project between documentary photographer, Keith Lloyd Davenport, and composer, Shona Mackay. Their project will see them documenting the experiences of people with dementia through photography and sound, culminating in an exhibition in Kirriemuir.

The first stages of the project will involve a weekly camera club, where Keith will provide guidance on basic camera techniques, encouraging participants to explore photography as a means of documenting their day-to-day lives in whichever way they see fit. Shona will create a corresponding sonic element which will include sound recordings made from conversations with participants, focusing on the personal narrative therein. There are early benefits from taking this camera/conversation club approach, including socialisation, companionship and engagement. The final exhibition in Kirriemuir will include images taken by participants and portraits of the participants taken by Keith, alongside Shona’s soundtrack which will highlight the participants’ personal narrative and journey. The participants and their caregivers will be involved in the launch of the exhibition, which will also be captured for the Dementia Trust website, so please do look out for more news and exhibition dates!