Drawing from Experience

Drawing from Experience is a project about how to help people involved in the transport world to better understand and improve the experience of people with dementia who are travelling.
It is led by Andy Hyde from Go Upstream, an organisation that is already funded by the Life Changes Trust and the European Foundations’ Initiative on Dementia. Go Upstream works with people affected by dementia on a range of issues to do with transport. This new idea is that students from the University of Dundee, Masters’ programme in Comics and Graphic Novels will produce artwork to disseminate information gathered with the help of people with dementia.

The Trust found this idea persuasive given the audience – i.e. bus drivers, taxi drivers, members of the public etc. because describing the experience of travelling with dementia to people who provide services can be a challenge. It’s a proof of concept to test the potential for graphic illustration to convey ideas based on the views of people with dementia. And we plan that the graphic novel could be displayed and downloaded from the Trust website.