Digital Dementia Game

Digital Dementia Game is a new project funded by the Trust and is a partnership project between Queen’s University, Belfast, Dementia NI and Focus Games. The project team includes Professor Christine Brown Wilson, Dr Gary Mitchell (previously an Admiral nurse) and Dr Gillian Carter. The project team have experience of health care education, developing technology for health and patient and public involvement in research and a track record of delivery and management of projects.

The Trust welcomed this proposal to work with people living with dementia and students to devise a digital game that will challenge the way people think about dementia. We think this is a first.
The legacy is that it can be used for education in future, but the immediate benefit is in the improved understanding of dementia in a cohort of young people who will go on to their working lives better informed. A plus factor is that people with dementia are partners in this project. Another benefit of the project is to remind people of the role of the Dementia Trust in delivering work over the last ten years in Northern Ireland. Images of these events will be captured for the Trust website so look out for more news!