The purpose of the Dementia Services Development Trust has evolved over quarter of a century.  In the beginning there was an emphasis on raising awareness of dementia among health and social care staff.

Dementia is a condition that affects memory, thinking, behaviour and the personal capacity to undertake every day activities.  The number of people affected worldwide is estimated at over 47 million.  This number is estimated to increase three fold by 2050.

The human and financial effect is almost incalculable.  At present in developed countries it is estimated to cost more than cancer, heart disease and stroke put together.  For individual families who are caring, the price can be measured in the health and well being of family caregivers.

The Trust has played its part in influencing government policy in health care, and in supporting the creation of a cadre of health and social care professionals with the expertise needed to make change happen.

Research into the prevention and cure of the underlying disease processes that underlay dementia is vital, but the Dementia Services Development Trust has a different focus.  Until cures are discovered or developed, we maintain our attention and efforts on making life the best it can be for those affected.